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5 Ton/Tons (Min. Order)
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30 Ton/Tons per Month
Hai Phong Sea Port, Vietnam
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Packed in steel drums of 200 liters/300 kg each, 3-4 drums in a pallet then loaded into container.
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30 days after receiving of payment or L/C


TL-2000 is a unique, single-component black polymeric bitumen compound which seals and prevents the oxidation of asphalt surface

TL-2000 is a unique, single-component black polymeric bitumen compound which seals and prevents the oxidation of asphalt surfaces. This formulation patented in many countries such as the USA, Canada, Japan, EEC and elsewhere prevents the breakdown of asphalt surfaces and the microscopic cracks. The penetrating and sealing characteristics of TL-2000 prevent water penetration, erosion, and deterioration..




Roadways         Garages         Runways                 Driveways


Parking areas     Parks             Recreation areas.




Waterproof: prevents penetration


Durable: service life prolonged by 5 – 7 years


Low Cost: less than the conventional emulsions


Ease of Application: squeegee or spray cold applied


Usability: dry to touch in ten minutes


Resistance: chemicals, salts, acids, ultraviolet rays




Pour TL-2000 in a spread-out manner to areas to be coated. With a rubber squeegee, pull material at the rate of 700 to 1200 grams per square meter. The material should fill voids and depressions. If surface has severe depressions and cracks, a second application may be required. If the asphalt surface has a poor base creating extreme cracking, the use of this product may not be adequate to solve the problems.


Application rate: 700 – 1200 grams per square meter.


TL-2000 can be spray applied. Check with the manufacturer for proper spray equipment and application.

Company Profile:

We, JIVC Joint Stock  Company, are Exclusive Agent of  HALIK Ltd. (formerly known as Aldema) in Vietnam and Asia - Pacific region. HALIK was founded in 1985 in Israel. The Company’s main activities are development and subsequent production of new protective coatings and materials.

   In 1986, HALIK developed road coating material TL-2000 which is quite novel in its principle. Since 1987, TL-2000 has been used in Israel. Since 1993, the Company has been selling the technology abroad.

   TL-2000 is covered by patents in the USA, Japan, Europe, South Africa, Canada and Mexico. The material has been tested in Israel, the USA, Holland, Mexico, South Africa, China and Russia.

   In addition to the use on roads, some modifications of TL-2000 produced according to the technology developed by HALIK are used as highly effective and inexpensive waterproofing materials for various buildings and structures, concrete tubes, bridges, etc.

   In 1997, HALIK developed unique and inexpensive single- component waterproofing material, HL, which is able to withstand a direct pressure of 7 atm and a backpressure of 1 atm. The material is non-toxic. It is intended for coating concrete and metal constructions to protect them from moisture and chemicals encountered in underground and other corrosive waters (including the Dead Sea water). The material can be applied within the temperature range of –40 °C to +40°C

We manufacture TL-2000 Road Asphalt Rejuvenator in Vietnam for local sales and exports. We have exported TL-2000 to Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Australia and US Embassy to Kazakhstan.